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Frequently Asked Questions

We have put together some of our frequently asked questions. This is split into 2 sections, general questions about the systems we install and technical support questions. If you have any further questions, get in touch and we will be happy to assist.

No, we do not have any ongoing costs or hidden charges. You will own your system from day one. You will be offered a maintenance contract once your warranty expires. We do recommend the maintenance contract, but its completely your decision.

Yes, as standard we fit pet friendly PIR detectors. They should ignore pets weighing up to 38 kg (85 lb) although, we do say cats can still cause the odd false alarm if they are climbing on top of cupboards etc. If this is the case we do still have a few options, please get in contact to discuss this.

Yes! As standard we will program your system to include this feature and we can customize this to suit your specific requirements.

Yes. We have 2 systems available, ‘The Standard System’ and ‘The Smart System’ with the Smart System you will get the smart phone app. The features of the different systems are explained here. 

Of course! We only use professional equipment not available to the DIY market. All the systems we fit are Grade 2 which conform to PD6662:2010 standards. This is more then acceptable to home insurance companies. We are fully approved by the SSAIB (Our governing body) We will register your systems with the SSAIB upon completion. The website for the SSAIB can be found here.

This is entirely your own choice. As standard all our systems connect to your house telephone line and contacts you directly. This removes the need for you to rely on neighbors hearing your alarm sounding and doing something about it. We would always fit a dummy bell box if you decided against opting for a live bell box.

The equipment we use is manufactured by a company called Visonic, also known as Tyco Security Products. We have worked with Visonic for over 30 years, as we believe this is by far the best equipment available. If you would like more information you can find the website here. We are also proud to be a Visonic Platinum Installer!

Technical Support FAQs

Engineer fixing a wire free door contact
Smart PIR battery change

To turn the system on simply press the button marked with a locked padlock symbol or ‘Away’, this starts the exit/entry timer and then leave by designated route before the system stops bleeping. To turn off locate the button marked with the unlocked padlock symbol or off, press it and after being prompted enter one of the pre-programmed code numbers.

We recommend that you delete all the key fobs from the system, and re-enrol all existing fobs to ensure the lost fob will not be able to operate your system. Access the user settings, using your pre-set master code and follow the laid down procedure in the user guide. We have created a video showing the process below.

Using the user guide left in your installation pack, locate the correct section and follow the set down procedure, ensuring you use the pre-set master code programmed into your system to access the user settings menu. We have created a video showing the process below.

Go to the panel and locate the < OK > button below the display, press it and the system will start displaying the message and or speak to you, giving you the relevant information. It will step on to any other messages each time you press it. We have created a video showing the process below.

By pressing the < OK > button the system will show or tell you exactly which battery or batteries require replacing, keep pressing the < OK > button until it returns to normal or stops speaking to you. We have created a video showing the process below.

When receiving a call, listen to the message in full to gain as much information as possible, then if you are dealing with the issue, simply press ‘2’ on your phone keypad, whilst you still hear the message, this stops the calls. Not pressing ‘2’ means the system will ring all numbers on your system up to three times. At the end of the video below, this will be explained.

This means something has happened on the system and it is just alerting you to it. To find the cause locate the < OK > button and press it, a message will be displayed or heard, you may need to press it a few times to hear all the messages. It will then clear the next time you use the system. We have created a video showing the process below.

This will be because the chime facility has been inadvertently turned off. To switch it back on locate the number ‘8’ button and press it, this will display if the chime is on or off. If it displays off, quickly press ‘8’ again to switch it back on. We have created a video showing the process below.

Restore the power to the panel, the system will then automatically reset and start re-charging the internal battery, when this process is complete the trouble light will go out.

You will need to contact us, we may have kept a record of how your system was programmed, if this information is not available it will mean a technician must visit to factory reset all codes.  

Firstly, make sure your panel is connected to your home router by plugging in the Ethernet cable. Then download the Visonic-Go app from your app store. You will need the details left in your installation pack to log into the application for the first time. We have a video available below showing how to set up and use the app.

Still Have Questions?

We are here to answer any questions you may have, don’t hesitate to get in touch.

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